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Increase Personnel Safety within waste and recycling

The waste management and recycling industry has a higher rate
of workplace transport accidents than in many other industry sectors.

Waste management and recycling activities such as waste transfer
stations, material recovery facilities, scrap yards, and landfill sites involve
the use of a wide range of large industrial vehicles or mobile plant. The risks
to pedestrian workers are significant.

The major risk factors on these sites involve accidents between
pedestrian workers and vehicles when they are manoeuvring, reversing, loading,
unloading, or tipping.

Visibility is also an issue on waste sites because of the dust caused
by materials on site.

  • Antenna fitted on the vehicle– Provides a complete 360 degree detection
    zone around the vehicle.
  • Vehicle control box – Provides an audible visual alarm to the driver in the cab
    of detected personnel.
  • Personnel Tag – personnel carry tags which are detected by vehicles and
    trigger the alarm.

Implementing proximity
warning systems can help to prevent accidents and reduce risks between
pedestrian workers and work transport vehicles in the waste management and
recycling sectors.

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