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Work Place Safety of 60+ years.

OneSafe Solutions are representing a combined experience within Work Place Safety of 60+ years.

Covering: industrial, construction, production and other, national as international both on- and offshore; OneSafe is the natural partner empowering safety at your workplace in the 21st century.

We will prevent well known challenges with revolutionary solutions. Applying the latest technologies preventing the top causes incidents both at home and at the workplace.

We shall always be distinguished by the courage to embrace change and willingness to take risk in order to recognise market trends at an early stage and constantly stay one step ahead of the field.

Applications covered

Applications Covered by the OneSafe System’s
OneSafe is frequently used as a proximity warning system for vehicle to person detection, however, that is just one of the many applications the system offers.

The ZoneSafe system helps to improve safety across entire work sites with the following applications:

  • Vehicle to Person Alert – Protect personnel from accidental vehicle collisions and identify near miss occurrences
  • Walkway Alert – Warn pedestrians using walkways of approaching vehicles
  • Crossing Alert – Warn pedestrians at crossings of an approaching vehicle
  • Vehicle Detection System – Long range vehicle to vehicle detection
  • Asset Protection – Help protect assets from accidental vehicle collisions
  • Aircraft Damage Protection – Help prevent aircraft damage from ground service equipment
  • Vehicle Access Control – Controlled vehicle access to restricted areas
  • Personnel Access Control – Controlled and security access for doors and turnstiles

Alongside our standard product range, we can design and implement a proximity warning system using our in-house services to suit a customer’s application.