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Track & trace

Work safety service based on modern technology

Safety for indoor and outdoor areas that utilizes real time location tracking. E.g. production site, warehouse, harbor, logistical terminal.

EmSafe prevents human-vehicle collisions, locate dangerous materials (e.g. gas bottles) or people in the case of emergency.

EmSafe consists of location trackers, small tracking tags attached to tracked objects, digital applications for user services and alarms and data analytics to improve work safety.

Collision warning

  • Calculated based on person and vehicle direction and speed – if both calculated vectors overlap near miss event is triggered
  • Active parameters for algorithm
  • Vehicle safety distance 2.0m
  • Vehicle entering distance (driver calculation) 1.5m
  • Alarms in dashboard
  • Between hook and human
  • Between forklift and human

Danger zone, red zone, no go zone

  • Compromised safety
  • Preconfigured area within the site where humans are not allowed to enter
  • Person entering compromised safety area triggers incident event in EmSafe
  • Human entering to area
  • Alarms in dashboard, icon turns red
  • Tag red led turn on constantly.
  • Pre warning danger zone, is not visible in dashboard
  • Tag red led start blinking

Green zone for visitors

  • Two different kind if tags
  • If visitor tag leaves green safe gangway zone, tag start beeping and led constantly lights green.
  • If visitor tag leaves green safe gangway zone, tag led start constantly lights red.


  • Heatmap visualizes all persons and vehicles by their location
  • View easily shows how factory floor is being utilized by persons and vehicles
  • Each active tag position is calculated and data is aggregated together in order to represent most frequently used areas
  • Usage is presented in color scheme from low usage to high usage.
  • Usage level (coloring scheme) is normalized in EmSafe engine in order to avoid high usage peaks to dominate visualization.
  • Heatmap selection (today excluded):
  • 24h = previous full day
  • 7d = previous 7 full days
  • 30d = previous 30 full days

Real-time statistics about site

  • Employees and visitors
  • Active vehicles (forklifts and cranes)

Help in incident investigation

  • Near-miss incident playback visualizes situation at site during incident. All vehicle and person routes are stored in EmSafe datastore. Playback feature fetches all active routes one minute before and after the event.
  • Visualizing routes
  • White = Person involved in incident
  • Orange = Vehicle involve in incident